Alanna: The First Adventure (Tamora Pierce)

Alanna ISBN: 9781442426412
Publisher: Atheneum 2010
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This book (and the entire series in fact) is listed in all the bookstores as being ‘teenage and children’s fiction’, but I think it’s a book that transcends age and gender. It’s a story of a girl, yes, and a young girl at that, and simplistically written. But said girl has a strength of character and the story has a charm beyond what the book blurb implies.

This first book deals with the ten-year-old Alanna of Trebond. Alanna is determined to be a knight, and her father is just as determined that she will not… he sends her off to learn magic, and her brother Thom to be a knight, but true to form, Alanna convinces her brother to switch places, which he does willingly since he would rather learn magic than ‘knight-stuff’. So, ‘Alan’ of Trebond turns up at the royal palace, and begins ‘his’ training.

During the course of the book, she befriends the King of Thieves and the Prince, deals with learning to use the magical power she possesses, and aids the Prince in defeating the Ysandir. Of course, her gender is revealed towards the end of the book, but you must read it to find out what happens then.

I’d love to give some direct spoilers for this book, but I will resist the temptation – it’d only spoil the experience of reading it for the first time. Read it NOW!

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  1. I remember this, it was one of the first fantasy I read, along with another great writer, Ursula LeGuin. It’s a great book and a greater series. I totally second the review. Read it now! I’m gonna go see if I still have my copy.

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