An Officer and Gentlewoman (Heloise Goodley)

An officer and a gentlewoman ISBN: 9781780330044
Publisher: Constable 2012
Pages: 260
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I bought this as an e-book on an impulse – motivated purely by the title!, being an officer and a gentleman in the traditional usage of the term. I started reading it out of curiosity and was immediately captivated and carried on almost non-stop till I finished it.

Capt. Goodley has a fine turn of phrase and her language is appealing to everyone, even though her vocabulary does indicate her public school and university background. But she also exhibits that she is conversant with the earthy too.

Her story will interest everyone in the armed forces and everyone who has some friend or family member in the forces. Apart from the gripping narrative of her life at Sandhurst for a year, she also explores her motivation for this kind of life and invites readers to examine their present chosen career and determine whether it is really what they want.

Her induction to the routine of a cadet is not easy and she is frank about her disenchantment with the mindless tasks and drill she is put through… but slowly she also reveals how these very same mind-strangling, mundane and irritating goals set by the staff strengthen her mind, cement her resolve and makes her appreciate the value of a team.

Definitely a book to own and re-read every once in a while.

Ram Subramanyam

Ram Subramanyam

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