Book Design (Andrew Haslam)

ISBN: 1856694739
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I picked up this book a few years ago, and have found since then that it is one of those that I refer to most often. Even after over ten years of designing, there are still things one needs to clarify. In addition, the book makes it easy to find what I need, and also provides a great deal of inspiration.

The blurb advertises it as a “comprehensive and practical guide for students and experienced designers alike” and that’s very true. The book is very well illustrated with pictures and diagrams. It covers topics including the definition of a book and its history, the book designer’s role, the elements available for their use (format, grids, typography and imagery), production techniques, materials and manufacture, as well as editorial structure and paper engineering, which is not something I have found in other books of this kind.

The glossary and further reading sections as well as the links I have always found useful. Definitely recommended for young designers, and also for experienced ones.

A few interior pages (courtesy of the Lawrence King website)

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