Christmas at Fairacre (Miss Read)

ISBN: 0140129006
Publisher: Penguin 1992
Pages: 359
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Fairacre celebrates Christmas traditionally. Children eagerly hang up their stockings, families attend Church, and everyone enjoys Christmas specialities from the laden table. And yet, often, in spite of meticulous planning, the unexpected happens. “Unforgettable characters, enchanting stories and festive cheer.”

Three gentle, warm tales which revolve around Christmas in the fictional village of Fairacre in the Costswold hills of England are contained in this book. Quiet people, with quiet lives, and yet their little triumphs and trials bring a thrill to your heart and tears to your eyes.

A spinster finds herself torn from her solitude to take care of her brother’s family in their time of need; an unexpected nighttime visitor to the home of a widowed mother and daughter brings a change to their lives; and two sisters help with a new arrival. To say more would spoil the book for you.

If you like to read old-fashioned stories about Christmas, Cotswold village life and the goodness of people in general, this is the book for you. It’s smart and charming, and immensely comforting in a wholesome way. Not for Miss Read the wily ways of the world.

A great feel-good book, and the perfect ‘rainy day read’.

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