Christmas at Thrush Green (Miss Read)

Christmas at Thrush Green ISBN: 9781409101598
Publisher: Orion Books 2009
Pages: 343
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‘The villagers of Thrush Green celebrate Christmas in a way that has hardly changed over the generations. Children eagerly hang up their stockings, families go to church together, everyone enjoys Christmas cake and other treats of the festive season.’

Thrush Green is a quaint village set around a village green and the village church, around which the village’s activities abound over the Christmas season. Phil Hurst and her journalist husband Frank set about running the annual nativity play. Albert Piggot the church caretaker decides upon retirement. His wife Nelly’s tea room The Fuschia Bush, gains widespread acclaim. Ella deals with slowly losing her sight, aided by her friend and onetime housemate Dimity Henstock. Oh, and let’s not forget the very naff Burwells, with their gaudy tastes and tacky Christmas decorations – and the antagonism of the local architect, who is deeply offended by their lack of taste! And then, as if there wasn’t enough happening, there’s an outbreak of chicken pox.

Miss Read, best known for her stories set in the villages of Fairacre and Thrush Green, is a pseudonym of the author. As with the earlier book by Miss Read that I reviewed, this book is ideal for those who love the nostalgia of life in the British countryside (albeit in a slight time-warp). A pleasant afternoon well spent.

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