Deadly Finish (John Francome)

Deadly Finish ISBN: 9780755349906
Publisher: Headline 2010
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Young horse trainer Simon Waterford is running the successful yard he inherited from his father, one of his two-year-olds just won the Coventry Stakes at Royal Ascot, and he is engaged to a gorgeous Brazilian girl called Mariana. Mariana, however, is not all she seems to be – and Simon’s uncle Geoff knows all about her. He’s also told her of his intention to tell Simon everything unless she comes clean first. On the train as they make their way back from Ascot, Mariana is gawked at and insulted by a couple of ruffians. Simon and Geoff stick up for her, but at the end of it, Geoff is dead and Simon hurt. How convenient for Mariana, you think…. but wait, there’s more.

There follows a fairly complex set of events… I won’t reveal more here, but what I will say is that having read Dick Francis for many years and being used to his level of intrigue and character building, Francome falls exceedingly flat. I was not interested in any of the characters except Geoff (who dies) and there’s a lot of fluff where there should have been substance. He tries to emulate Francis, and falls just a little short. The story was good, but the telling of it was uninspired.

Worth a read, anyhow.

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