Lace for Milady (Joan Smith)

Lace for Milady ISBN: 9780709079194
Publisher: Robert Hale 2006
Pages: 224
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‘He called her a termagant; she called him a rakehell. And so it began – a tender and furious tale of love that would simply not keep to a straight line. A little deception here, a bit of smuggling there and some unpleasant, pushy relatives keep Priscilla and her Duke up to their feathers in larceny and love! This is another gripping story from the doyenne of Regency romantic novelists.’

So the flap reads. And having never read Joan Smith before, I picked it up with not a little trepidation. It sounded more like a Joan Collins than a Georgette Heyer.

Priscilla Denver lives in the house that she bought from her aunt… but it seems to be that her aunt has sold her more trouble than house – it has less land than she was led to believe, and in worse repair than expected. Her neighbour, the Duke of Clavering, is persistent in wanting to buy the house, but he knows more than he’s saying. The rattling hearth does not help either – something is definitely afoot, and Priscilla is determined to tackle the problem.

A charming story, well told, with a sprinkling of romance, suspense and delightful characters. I loved it, and if you like regency romances, so will you!

Arati Devasher

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