Lady Gwendolen Investigates (Anne Ashley)

Lady Gwendolen Investigates ISBN: 9781426823091
Publisher: Harlequin 2008
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It’s not often that I deem a Mills and Boon romance worthy of an actual book review. I read them only when my brain is fuzz, late at night, and I can’t handle a plot I’d need to think about or keep up with. I read four pages of this book, and put it down to read when I could actually use my brain.

Because – wonder of wonders – this book is GOOD! Its characters are charmingly drawn, Anne Ashley has actually gone to the trouble of researching that period of history, and save for a few very very minor ‘Mills and Boon type issues’ it’s a very good read. Very similar in style to Georgette Heyer, whom I love. A jolly good surprise.

Lady Gwendolen is a young widow who comes back to live on her late husband’s estate for the first time, after spending her short married life jaunting about with him. She’s got charm, beauty, wit, and a sense of humour. Something not a lot of romantic heroines have. In addition, she’s smart. Essentially a romantic murder mystery, the story evolves around her return, a few mysterious deaths in a nearby wood, and growing relationships with not only Jocelyn Northbridge (her romantic love interest) but also each and every other person in her life.

It challenged me intellectually (well, in comparison to most books in the same genre, anyway) in terms of solving the crimes, and also charmed my romance-loving heart. An old-fashioned romance. The best kind.

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