We love to read! Each of us has multiple books on the go, and we read books for entertainment as well as education. Book Weyr was created because of this, and we do not profit monetarily from the blog. We do it because we want to.


Our rating system is simple and is our opinion only, because books are subjective – whether or not you read the book should depend on you, and not the rating we gave it.

… Didn’t like the book
… The book was readable
… Liked the book
… Really enjoyed the book
… Loved the book – highly recommended

Our books are bought or borrowed from friends and libraries. Occasionally we review books that we’ve received from publishers and authors, or that we are directly related to in terms of knowing the author or having designed them: all are reviewed in an un-biased manner, and if we don’t like them, we’ll say so. Most often, though, books we don’t like don’t motivate us to review them, and they’ll generally fall by the wayside unless you particularly ask us to go ahead and review them despite our negative response.


Do note that we are not obliged to review every book we receive, nor do we guarantee a positive review, nor is the length of the review standard. However, should the review be negative, we will inform you of that fact before it is published on Book Weyr.


We do like to hear about new books. Please include the following information when sending us such information either by post or email – the book’s title, author, a summary, the publisher, the release date, and any preferences regarding review date (we’ll post reviews at our own convenience if a date is not mentioned; we do not do reviews on short notice).

Both ebooks and hard copies are accepted. We DO NOT circulate the ebooks after our reviews; the hard copies are kept if we love them, or donated to charity shops if we don’t. If you wish to have your book returned after being reviewed, please enclose a self-addressed postage-paid envelope when you send it.

We add the details of the edition we read on every post. If you wish an addition “reviewed for …” note added, please let us know.

We don’t review unpublished manuscripts on Book Weyr. However, if you really want an opinion, we are glad to do so privately.


Please do not use any of our reviews or opinions without our permission or crediting us. We request that you notify us if you wish to use our reviews (in any form, short or full) and that you add a courtesy link to Book Weyr as well.