The Good Man’s Daughter (Roger Stokes)

The Good Man's Daughter ISBN: 9781848766662
Publisher: Troubadour Publishing 2011
Pages: 296
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The Good Man’s Daughter is an historical novel, set in the year 1244 and the story is based around the persecution of the Cathars in the Languedoc, medieval France. Elouise and her preacher father Jean (the ‘Good Man’ of the title) are itinerant Cathars. While one one of their journeys with their friend Michel, they meet  Guillaume, a young knight, and they subsequently wind up in the town where his father is the Count at the Chateau.

Guillaume and Eloise are attracted to each other, and their romance progresses as expected. The Cathars’ lives are in danger when a new campaign of persecution is begun by a corrupt priest. Jean is captured and imprisoned and Elouise must seek sanctuary at the Chateau Roc.

The book is based on an interesting legend, and the characters have potential; the ending is also fairly good. I started reading with enthusiasm, but was slowed down by the writing style, which is far too simple, pedantic, and reminiscent of school-boy writings – it meanders a bit. It didn’t hold me to the story, I was constantly distracted, and it has taken me almost three months to finish the book – a very rare occurrence for me. On the plus side, it has made me find out more about that period of history and the Cathars in particular. Sad to say I was more interested in the Wikipedia entry on the subject than the book itself.

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