When Gods Die (CS Harris, A Sebastian St Cyr Mystery)

When Gods Die ISBN: 9780451222558
Publisher: Signet 2007
Pages: 400
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At the Royal Pavilion, Brighton, the beautiful, very young wife of an old Marquis is found dead in the arms of the Prince Regent, with a jeweled dagger from the Regent’s collection of Stuart memorabilia, that once belonged to Bonnie Prince Charlie, in her back. An ill-fitting green silk dress and an ancient bluestone and silver triskelion necklace said to have been worn by the Druid priestesses of Wales is her only adornment.

Shadowed by rumors of his last involvement with a murder case, Sebastian St Cyr, Viscount Devlin is lured into a dangerous investigation of the Marchioness’s death. In discovering that the Prince Regent is not as innocent as he is portrayed by his aides and the Marchioness’s life held more than it seemed… he realises that, in fact, nothing is as it should be.

With his actress lover, and his young Tiger, Devlin follows a twisted trail that leads from gay Brighton to the dismal London slums. When another murder follows, Devlin unravels a conspiracy that reveals secrets from depths of the dead Marchioness’s life and love to his own family’s hidden truths, and solves the mysterious death of the triskelion necklace’s last owner – Devlin’s own mother.

Arati Devasher

Arati Devasher

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